Monday, June 6, 2011

An Amazing Day!

It feels like forever since I have updated the blog.  Sorry!  We have been so busy helping with the golf benefit and auction that there hasn't been time, or energy. 

So, here is the latest.  The golf benefit and auction raised over $10,000.  I know....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  This is certainly way more than we ever anticipated.  I'm still at a loss of words as to how to express our appreciation to everyone.  We are truly overwhelmed with the support that we received.  Our family had such a great time on Saturday!  It was such a heartwarming feeling to see everyone support Kolton and our family.  I could only wish that every child in need of medical care could receive the support that we have. 

I know I said it on Saturday, but I'm going to say it again.  Thank you to Terry Stovall and Jerry Reif for coming up with this wild idea!  What a huge success!  Also, thank you to all of the volunteers that helped get donations, the "pink ladies" for all of your hard work and for everyone that came out to support us!  It is such an honor to have friends and family that are so caring!

With the money that we raised on Saturday, we have exceeded our goal!  The additional money will be used to pay for Kolton's future medical needs.  What a relief!!!

Kolton's first surgery will be on July 12th.  He will have this surgery at BoysTown Hospital in Omaha.  If all goes well, then he will be home that same day.  Kolton will need 2-3 days to recuperate.  The second stage will happen about 5-6 months after the first surgery. 

I will try my best to keep everyone posted after his surgery.  We will also try to post some pictures from Saturday.  Once again, thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!