Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How can we thank you enough?

Wow!  What an overwhelming turnout!  We are so appreciative for everyone that came out to support Kolton.  We can't thank Kim, Dan and Matt enough for putting this event together.  The Taco John's staff
(84th and Leighton) was wonderful and the food was great!

After we left Taco John's, we reflected on the evening as a family.  There are so many emotions that we are all feeling right now...happy, grateful, appreciative.  Kolton made a comment tonight that summed it all up.  He started to cry and said, "I can't believe so many people care about me."  Sometimes, things are better said from a 9-year-old's perspective.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Thanks, again, for everyone's support!


  1. It is hard to put into words about how much our family appreciates all that everyone is doing for Kolton. We want to thank Kim, Dan, Matt and the wonderful staff at Taco John's last night. You guys did a amazing job! Thank you all so much!
    And thank those people who came out and made last night such a huge success!! G & G Lee

  2. I am very happy you guys had such a great turn out. The ticker is a WONDERFUL addition to the blog. & the pictures help tell the story. :)

    Melissa G

  3. it was a great time and the food was great. i hope next time we hear about the fund raiser sooner lol.